Concerning the Rain Dragon

Location: Uryu, Hokkaido, Japan

Sunday, January 15, 2006

New Years

Katie and I spent New Years in Au Nang in Krabi. We had dinner at a really nice Thai restaurant, and then we went to the beach and watched people light paper lanterns that they released over the ocean. There were fireworks at midnight that were a lot of fun to watch. They were setting them off only a few feet away from us, so they exploded right over our heads. We could see fireworks being set off on beaches and islands all around the area. It was lovely and a very memorable New Years.


There are a lot of elephants in Thailand. They're everywhere. Driving in Krabi, I saw elephants standing by the side of the rode. In Bangkok, I saw baby elephants being led down the streets at night, and in the night markets. (That's rather sad actually. I didn't like seeing that.)
While Katie and I were in Krabi, we went for an elephant ride. It was a rather short ride, but it was a lot of fun. After the ride, we went for a short hike around the area. Katie went for a swim in the river, and then we were able to see one of the elephants taking a bath.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Here is a picture of me, Delane, Katie, and Ali eating dinner in Ao Nang, in Krabi. Ao Nang is the beach where we stayed for four days and three nights. Before Ko Lanta, Katie and I stayed at a beach "resort" on Ko Lanta. Delane and Ali met us there on the 2nd day. The beach was absolutely beautiful. I really did like the beach, and I loved the pineapple banana shakes, but let us say the the "bungalow" at the "resort" left something to be desired. For instance, I'd rather not have a trail of ants surrounding the walls of my bathroom and making a Bee-line across my bedroom floor. I'd also rather the walls of my room not be made of rotting cardboard. I'd also rather not be greeted by a shreaking godzilla monster upon entering my "bungalow". What sounded like a screaming drowning rat (which turned out to be the godzilla monster living under my bed) waking me up in the middle of the night I could also do without.

So anyway, Katie and I abandoned this paradise for the tourist comforts of Ao Nang. Delane and Ali had just arrived in Ko Lanta and didn't want to go with us (seemingly), so we left them early on the 3rd day and went to Ao Nang. That night we were eating dinner at a restaurant near our guesthouse, and who should we see sitting at the table next to us? It turns out Delane and Ali didn't like the shreaking godzilla monsters either. It was a very exciting coincidence, and the rest of our time in Krabi was all together lovely.

The island in the picture is called Chicken Island. Can you guess why? On the 2nd day in Ao Nang, we all took a 4 island tour. We saw Tup Island, Chicken Island, Poda Island, and another Island I forget the name of (Princess something). The beach at the last island was amazing. The sand was so soft. The water was incredibly warm. We swam out around this high cliff and explored a hidden part of the island, where we saw rock-climbers. It was lovely, but sadly I could not take my camera, so I don't have any pictures.

Cliffs Man

I went rock-climbing for the first time ever in Railay Beach, Thailand. It was scary but a lot of fun. Our instructor didn't really do a lot of instructing, so I was pretty much just learning as I went. By the third climb, I was able to get up really high, with a lot of help from the instructor. He was pretty much just pulling me up as I went, but I'm not going to let that stop me from wearing my T-shirt with pride.

Climbing with me was Katie and Delane, who are both far better climbers than me. Ali came along to watch and give moral support.