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Location: Uryu, Hokkaido, Japan

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Graduation Day

March 14th was the 3rd graders' graduation day. Graduating from junior high school is a very big deal in Japan, unlike in America where it's kindof a joke. The 3rd graders spent the last several months of school cramming for their high school entrance exams. These exams determine which high school they will be permitted to attend. I can't say I like the system, but I know the students worked very hard, for whatever it's worth. The day was very emotional and even got me a little teary-eyed. It was a special day to be a part of.

The graduation ceremony, in the gym.

Asami and Akiko. Akiko was one of the home-room teachers, which is why she was so spiffied up in her kimono.

The 3A nen-seis.

Me and Akiko. I always love a chance to wear my suit.