Concerning the Rain Dragon

Location: Uryu, Hokkaido, Japan

Sunday, May 21, 2006

coloring the rain dragon

It was exciting to go to the elementary school last week and see that they had put up the pictures we colored during English, in the hall. This was an assignment to practice colors. The little boy in the bottom picture is actually a 2nd grader, and so didn't color one of these pictures; but he is one of my students, and I wanted his picture.

Hokkaido Cows

Furano no ushi desu.


Well, it's Cherry Blossom season in Japan, and I missed it. What a shame, huh? On Saturday, I went with Jen and Dave to Furano in search of beautiful cherry blossoms. Well, we saw a couple of trees that were still in bloom, but most of the blossoms had already fallen.

Let's pretend the whole grove of trees looked just like this.

They actually looked like this. Wouldn't it have been beautiful to see them all in bloom?

Me and Jen.

The last of the cherry blossoms. I'm just going to pretend that the whole grove of trees was this pretty. When I'm 80 and look at this picture, I won't remember anyway.

Shopping in Furano

These little cabin stores are at the bottom of the ski hill in Furano. I went here with Jen and Dave last Saturday. It's a very pretty little area, and the stores are surprisingly cheap.

Curry shack

This is the famous Furano curry shack. They have the best curry and hot chocolate in Japan. I've eaten here three times now. It's a bit hard to find at first, because it really does look like an old shed, but there are actually places to sit inside, and the menu is written on a piece of old cardboard.

Thank you for Smorking

It can be a little tough to find non-smorking friendly restaurants in Japan.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


A very cute moment happened today that I must write down before I forget. Sadly, there are no pictures to remember the moment. I was working with the 1st graders at the elementary school for the first time (this is a new school year) and I was going through the alphabet. When I came to the letter "Y", one of the little girls bursts out singing "YMCA", complete with hand gestures. KAWAIIIIIIII!!!!!!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Otaru Boat-Ride

These photos are from the boat-ride out to the Otaru Aquarium.

Jen and Dave

Seagulls follow the boat because people like to feed the birds bread-crumbs.

You can see a ski resort in this picture. Wouldn't it be lovely to go skiing and be able to see the ocean from the mountain? It's a little too bad I didn't get to ski here.

Holiday Dress

It is indecent for a small dog to appear in public without clothes.

Otaru Canal

Last week was Golden Week for Japan. What this means is that three national holidays fall in the same week. (So it's not exactly a "week", it's more like a long weekend, but hey, this is Japan. We can't have too much free time). On Thursday of Golden Week, I went to Otaru, which is just south of Sapporo on the sea-side. It was a very pretty city, although the weather was a bit chilly. I drove there with Jen and Dave. Here is a picture of Jen and me at the canal. This canal is a popular spot in Otaru, because there are many art venders along here, and there are many restaurants nearby.